Friday 4 June 2010

The Archives Hub

On Tuesday 25th May Jennifer attended a training session at Glasgow University run by the Archives Hub. The Archives Hub provides a central searchable website for users to search collections held at British university archives, though it is now being expanded to include non-university collections that are beneficial for academic researchers. Jennifer has been using the Hub and uploading our collection descriptions for a few years now but, because they have just extensively upgraded the website, the training session was a good opportunity to see how it has changed and what the new features are. It is now, for example, possible to attach images to descriptions. One of the things we are planning to do is to add an image to each collection which will make the searching process more visual and appealing for users.

We will also be adding descriptions at series level that will provide more information about the collections for researchers. Jennifer has already sent in her first attempt at using the new online form (MS 274, Papers relating to the Paterson family in Gourepore, India) and apparently it was the first one they had received that included an image. We are looking forward to seeing what it looks like on the Hub website once it has gone live.

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