Wednesday 3 February 2010

Advance notice - E-Records Seminar

We're pleased to be able to give advance notice that the Centre for Archive and Information Studies (CAIS) at the University of Dundee will be hosting an e-records seminar on Friday 21 May 2010: 'Practical Approaches to Electronic Records: the Academy and Beyond'.

The seminar is being jointly organised by Chris Prom, Fullbright Distinguished Scholar and CAIS. The programme will include a session from Chris on some of the early findings from his current research. Colleagues from the UK and overseas have also confirmed their intention to speak. As Chris puts it:
The purpose of the seminar is to consider the results from research and development projects, in order establish how they might inform work with electronic records, using technologies that are generally available today. Within the parameters of this general theme, speakers and attendees will reflect on and discuss current or future outputs from ongoing research which are likely to have practical applications for those tasked with processing electronic records.

The seminar will be held alongside a meeting of the Steering Committee of the International Council on Archives, Section on University and Research Institute Archives, which is also taking place in Dundee in May.

A finalised programme and details on how to register for the seminar will be posted shortly. If you have any questions meantime please contact us at

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