Wednesday 25 August 2010


Earlier this week Richard Lester, the director who famously directed the Beatles in the films 'A Hard Day's Night' and 'Help!', announced that he has donated his personal archive to the nation placing it in the custody of the BFI National Archive.

Lester also features in the Michael Peto Photographic Collection, held by the University of Dundee's Archive Services. Peto was a photojournalist who's unobtrusive humanist approach allowed him to secure unparalleled access to the Beatles during the filming of Help!. This picture of Lester with Paul McCartney was taken behind Twickenham Studios during the filming.

Genesis Publications produced a limited edition volume of Peto's photographs entitled 'Now These Days are Gone' in 2006 and the deluxe editions of the book were signed by Richard Lester. The University has also staged exhibitions of Peto's work in London, Liverpool, Dundee and Ireland. Galleries and other venues interesting in exhibiting Peto's photgraphs should contact Patricia Whatley, Head of Archive, Records Management and Museum Services, for information.

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