Thursday 11 November 2010


Yesterday the Culture and Arts Forum's Culture Day was well attended by around 60 people. We were treated to a range of fascinating talks that aptly demonstrated the range of cultural interests within the University. The theme of the day was diversity and talks covered a wide range of subjects such as an examination of gender and race, the history of paper, the development of comics, geodiversity, biodiversity, Edinburgh's New Town, the sons of JS Bach, the films of Powell and Pressburger and a responses to Gaelic culture by artists.

Caroline Brown spoke about views and treatment of 'insanity' in the 19th and early 20th centuries using items from the asylum collections in the archives. The table below details the possible causes of 'insanity' identified by doctors at Sunnyside Asylum Montrose.

Table from Sunnyside Asylum Report 1907

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