Monday 14 March 2011

Who do you think we are?

We were intrigued by a post this weekend on Euan Semple's blog, 'The Obvious', coming as it did in the same week we set up a new Twitter account for Archive Services and Records Management Services. In his post on the use of online social tools by orgnaisations Euan suggests that:
Reciprocity relies on mutual respect. When you are treating me as a statistic, or worse a target, I don't feel respected and have little inclination to reciprocate.
Then goes on to ask:
Why should I re-tweet your tweets or like your Facebook page when you won't even tell me your name?
To that end, we thought you might like to meet the people behind this blog and our Twitter accounts:
Everything posted here or via our Twitter accounts is written by staff from Archive, Records Management and Museum Services and the Centre for Archive and Information Studies at the University of Dundee. You can find information about us and our contact details on our website and we'd be happy to hear from you about any aspect of our work.

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