Friday 2 December 2011

Student protests at Dundee

This 1968 photograph shows students staging a twenty-four hour work-in at the University of Dundee. Second from the left is George Robertson, now Baron Robertson of Port Ellen, who organised the protest.

Student work-in, 1968

Robertson graduated from Dundee in 1968 with a degree in Economics from the newly formed University. At that time students could choose either to take a St Andrews or a Dundee degree and Robertson was one of the minority of students to opt for the latter. Robertson was an active member of the University and a founding contributor of, and regular columnist for, the student newspaper Annasach. The newspaper, which was more political than its modern day equivalent, provided Robertson with some valuable journalistic and campaigning experience. He continued to take an active role in student protests, for example invading the pitch when a rugby team from the Orange Free State played at St Andrews. Robertson went on to become a Labour MP, Secretary of State for Defence and Secretary General of NATO. The issues of Annasach to which he contributed can be consulted in the University Archives (RU 357/1).

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